Past Presentations

Meeting 2 - Tuesday 16th of January 2018

Check your Revit model and try again by Mike Turpin of Innovating Futures

This presentation will look at model checking, validation and verification. As models become more common place in the AEC industry we ask the question are they useful? Is your model data complete, has it been checked, is it correct, is it reliable, is it suitable. In an open discussion format we will look at the realities of checking a Revit model including the what, why and how...

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From Revit to Live and beyond, a journey to VR by Simon Dickinson of Graitec

A VR workflow, using Autodesk’s new toy’s, some of which you may already have and did not even know... You don’t need to be an expert programmer to create compelling interactive Walkthroughs / VR from you a Revit models.

Revit tips and tricks!

The ever popular, spectacularly random Revit tips and tricks session!

Meeting 1 - Thursday September 14th 2017

How to Do Revit to IFC Properly by Kevin Fielding of Sheppard Robson

Do you need to share IFC files on your project? If so, this is an essential session for you. We will explore the importance of interoperability from Revit using IFC. Using the IFC Exporter Plugin, we will explore all the hidden settings, controls, and tricks to give you the confidence, and control as to what information appears in the IFC. You will control Rooms, Space, IFC Classes, and Zone. Not all IFC exports are equal.

Autodesk Revit Apps by Balazs Trojak of Paraforms Ltd

In this presentation we will look at what 3rd party applications are available for Autodesk Revit, what they do and how good they are. It's amazing how much time and effort can be saved on a project with the installation of a relatively inexpensive and sometimes free bit of software.

Revit Tips and Tricks

Quick fire (no longer than 3 minutes each) random Revit tips and tricks. Something for everybody!